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Open Hands Preschool 
First United Methodist Church.
  201 N. Meridian St.  Brazil, IN
Phone:  812-443-2230
email:  [email protected]

Enrollment for 2018-2019
​is upon us!

​​​​Enrollment is open now and will continue to be open all the way to the first day of school. The classroom spots are first come first serve, therefore contact us today to ensure your child is able to get in the class they need!
To enroll: email, call, or print our applications by pressing the button 

Our Pre-K program is an all day program to really prepare the child for kindergarten. It allows the students to get used to an all day school schedule and lunch procedures. It gives us, the teachers, more time to work one on one with the students making sure they are able to easily transition to elementary school. This program is a wonderful learning experience for children that are planning to start kindergarten in the fall of 2019.
Elementary school is changing. They now expect Kindergartners to know how to write, recognize and say the entire alphabet and most numbers. They have to know rhyming, blending sounds, and much more. They are doing a lot more work than they used to. So the earlier children are getting exposed to a classroom setting the better. Our goal is to teach and prepare children for elementary school while still making it fun for them.
Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure that each child gets the most out of pre school. Here, we are commited to the development of children in our community. Our goals are to prepare children for Kindergarten and elementary school by teaching them state standards. Because we are a church, we are also commited to applying Christian Principles in the classroom. We believe that providing a preschool to our community is a ministry God has called us to share.

Classes and Fees

Preschool children ages 3-4 ​​

​For our preschool program we offer classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, morning or afternoon. Morning classes are from 8:45-11:15 and afternoon classes are from 11:45-2:15. There will be a $40 registration fee at the time of registration. Students in the preschool class will owe $80 beginning in September through May. The annual tuition will be $720 however a 5% discount will be given if the annual tuition is paid in full prior to September 1st making the tuition $684.00.
​What preschool will be learning goes as follows:
  • counting 1-25
  • associate number 1-10 with objects
  • colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange,purple, pink, white, brown, gray, and black
  • shapes: circle, square, triangle, star, diamond, oval, cube, pentagon, hexagon, and rectangle
  • alphabet: sight recognition, distinguish upper and lower case letters, associates beginning letter with words (example: B is for Ball)

Pre-K children ages 4-5

​​For our Pre-K program we offer classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:45a.m.-2:00p.m.​ There will be a $40 registration fee due at the time of registration. Students enrolled in this program will owe $125 beginning in September through May. The annual tuition will be $1125 however a 5% discount will be given if the annual tuition is paid prior to September 1st making the tuition $1068.75 also families who enroll more than one child will be given a $5 deduction for each child.​​
​What Pre-K classes will be learning goes as follows:
  • counting 1-25
  • ​associate numbers 1-15 with objects
  • ​colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, brown, pink, white, and gray.
  • ​shapes: circle, square, triangle, diamond, star, oval, rectangle, pentagon,octagon, hexagon, cube, heart, and trapezoid.
  • alphabet: sight recognition, distinguish upper and lowercase letters, phonetic recognition
  • ​fine motor skills: properly holding scissors, pencils and crayons; cuts following a simple line.

We offer ​free tutoring!

!Closed For Summer
We are currently out of the office for the summer, to schedule an appointment to tour our school or for any other questions please contact us by email ([email protected]), facebook, or calling (812) 691-5303
!Fun at Open Hands

Health Week

Health week every year consist of different guest speakers, this year we had an x-ray tech from Clay County Hospital come to talk to the children about x-rays, we also had a dentist come talk with the children about oral care, and the health department came an taught the children about proper handwashing!

One day during health week the kids made doctor bags. This was a great activity to get them to look at the number and recognize it, then count out the supplies for their bag. 

Clay County Health Department comes to Open Hands Preschool to teach the children proper handwashing!
This was an amazing learning experience for the kids, we put a powder on the kids hands showed them all of the "germs" under the black light, had them wash their hands properly, then put the hands back under the black light again to show the kids that they got them all clean! 

For Paws Sake

For Paws Sake Canine Rescue came to Open Hands to teach the children about proper dog safety and care. We learned how to feed and water dogs, we learned safety about going near strange dogs, and much more!
 For Paws Sake is a nonprofit canine rescue therefore we asked that our parents to donate any used or new items so that we could can donate items to help out!
Thank you to everyone for the donations!
Meet Our Staff
Chris Pestoff - Teacher/Director - Chris has 35 years experience teaching preschool, 11 years as director/teacher at Open Hands. Chris is a native of Clay County, a graduate of Brazil High School and a graduate of Indiana State University.
Lindsay Frye -Assistant Teacher- Lindsay is a graduate of Northview Highschool and went to Ivy Tech Community College for some time studying Early Childhood Education before she took time to enjoy her childrens youth. She is also CPR/ BLS certified and has a passion to work with young children.
Ellen Packard - School Board member and Substitute teacher.  Ellen is a native of Clay County, a graduate of Brazil High School, a graduate of Indiana University, and a retired certified Clay County teacher.
Linda Goda - School Board member and a Substitute teacher.  Linda is an Indiana State University graduate and a retired Vigo County School teacher.

Jennifer Smith- School Board member and Teacher at Northview Highschool.

Andrea Jones- School Board member

Lisa Kleiber- School Board member

Open Hands is a program at First United Methodist Church; Open Hands board members are:  Chris Pestoff, Ellen Packard, Linda Goda, Andrea Jones, Jennifer Smith and Lisa Kleiber.
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